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Aesthetic Specialists of Houston offers an evidence-based, integrated approach by combining the most effective treatments with the most cutting-edge techniques and aesthetic procedures to achieve your goals. You, your progress, and your treatment plans are evaluated at every visit for the best possible outcomes. Find out more about the various aesthetic concerns that can be treated at Aesthetic Specialists of Houston in Bellaire, Texas. We serve the surrounding communities of Houston, such as Memorial and West University, as well as patients near and far.

Facial Contouring

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You can get your desired look without using a scalpel or making an incision by using natural-looking characteristics.

Our medical aesthetic practice in Bellaire, Texas, offers dermal filler treatments. In addition, our aesthetic specialists use non-surgical facial contouring to shape, add volume, and change the shape of specific facial features for a more youthful, refreshed appearance. Our experts can assist you in reclaiming your beauty and obtaining the desired contoured features. Set up your consultation for facial contouring right away. Our Bellaire location allows us to service Houston's surrounding communities, including Memorial and West University.

Skin Tightening

Through non-invasive laser skin tightening techniques, collagen formation is encouraged while wrinkles and fine lines are minimized.

Our skin tightening laser treatments offer to tighten and lift areas of your face without requiring surgery. Instead, laser treatments send heat deep into the skin in order to tighten the treated areas. In most cases, three treatments are suggested for the best results. Our aesthetic specialists will assess your skin concerns during your session and decide the best course of action to give you smoother, more radiant, and firmer skin. Call Aesthetic Specialists of Houston in Bellaire, Texas right away to schedule your consultation.

Wrinkle Reduction

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Wrinkle reduction and prevention can be achieved by the use of neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and laser and energy treatments, all of which are popular cosmetic procedures. Our Neuromodulator and dermal filler treatments directly treat the problem locations you identified as an area of concern. Our wrinkle reduction treatments are routinely performed in-office and offer minimal downtime. Aesthetic Specialists of Houston offers wrinkle reduction techniques that reduce the appearance of aging and give you a more youthful appearance. Schedule your consultation today!

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Skin Discoloration

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Skin discoloration, often known as hyperpigmentation, is a medical term for darker areas of skin. Excess melanin synthesis causes these patches, which can be caused by everything from acne scars and sun damage to hormonal changes. If you have hyperpigmentation, realize that you are not alone.

Hyperpigmentation is a prevalent skin problem, and Aesthetic Specialists of Houston offers various successful treatment options, including VIPeel, DermaV, Hollywood Spectra Laser, laser skin resurfacing, and Morphues8.

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​​The Morpheus8 device, created by renowned aesthetics business InMode, revolutionized conventional microneedling by delivering focused bursts of fractional radiofrequency radiation to your skin at specified depths beneath the surface.

Morpheus8 heals, rejuvenates, and provides firmness and elasticity to skin on your face and neck when applied by skilled cosmetic professionals like those at Aesthetic Specialists of Houston. You put everything together so you can see and express what you want to say. And your personal brand manual does not include loose skin. Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling at Aesthetic Specialists of Houston keeps your appearance sleek and classic. We're all about providing you with a warm, hassle-free aesthetic experience that produces stunning results.

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