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Hydra Needle in Houston, TX

Boost Your Glow with the Hydra Needle

Hydra Needle in Houston, Texas | No Downtime Skin Rejuvenation | Aesthetic Specialists of Houston

It is estimated that only about four to eight percent of serums truly penetrate into the skin. They have a hard time traveling through your outer layer of skin, which is why many topical treatments do not have significant results. Our specialists utilize the Hydra Needle to directly deliver a customized mixture of therapeutic serums to the dermis. After your skin is analyzed, a combination of hyaluronic acid, exosomes, and other components of our secret “cocktail” is pushed into the skin with our Hydra Needle instrument, resulting in glass-like skin. Aesthetic Specialists of Houston offers Hydra Needle to patients wanting hydrated and glowing skin. Learn more by scheduling your Houston Hydra Needle consultation today. We serve Bellaire, Memorial, West University, and surrounding areas of Houston.

The Magic Is In The "Cocktail"

What is a Hydra Needle?

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The Integrity Hydra Needle is a new microneedling/microchanneling device for delivering various serums into the skin.

However, the magic is in the "cocktail" designed specifically for each patient, depending on their skin issues. The skin is first numbed with topical anesthetic, then this mixture of serums, growth factors and/or hydrators are then administered through twenty gold-tipped needles for maximum serum delivery to the skin.

What are the benefits of the Hydra Needle?

When applied to your skin, the 20 minuscule microneedles make a pathway that carries the hydrating serums through your outer skin layer to where they can begin working.

The "micro-needles" are no larger than a human hair, minimizing discomfort. The microneedles themselves increase collagen and result in the production of new, healthy skin. The Hydra Needle offers a comfortable method to deliver beneficial serums offered at Aesthetic Specialists of Houston.

Have your skin assessed by our specialists

Am I a good candidate for the Hydra Needle?

It is essential that a specialist determines your suitability for microneedling. Almost anyone can do microneedling; however, if you have any of the following conditions, we strongly advise against undergoing the Hydra Needle until they resolve:

Individuals with active bacterial skin infections.

Among them include acne cysts, staph infections, psoriasis, and severe eczema. Also included are patients seeking therapy for these illnesses who are not yet completely cured. If microneedling is performed, there is a chance that bacteria will enter the microchannels and produce a severe infection.

Those who have a documented history of poor wound healing or autoimmune conditions.

Microneedling is dependent on the skin's self-healing capabilities; hence, a history of poor wound healing might impact the results.

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No Downtime | Effective Results

How does the Hydra Needle work?

You may have experienced purchasing expensive serums containing vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and collagen, applying them to your face, and then waiting months for them to start working. You'll be waiting for quite some time because they do not adequately penetrate the outer layer of skin. Hydra Needles are a simple technology. Although comparable to automated microneedling pens, Hydra Needles are less expensive and have the added benefit of delivering a mixture of serums to the skin through the microchannels while they are being made. This maximizes the benefits of your skin's natural reaction of increased collagen synthesis and your customized serum. When we fill the chamber of the Hydra Needle with your customized blend of serums and delicately press it on your face, the serums actually penetrate through the epidermis into the dermis. Crow's feet, laugh lines, the chest, neck, and back of your hands are just a few areas of skin that benefit immensely from the increase in collagen production.

With the Hydra Needle Houston patients can heal and improve the general appearance of your skin with repeated treatments.

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Hydra Needle Results

The majority of patients observe a plumping and brightness effect immediately. However, benefits are normally visible three to seven days following treatment and typically last three to four months (depending on the condition of your skin, overall skin quality, and recommended treatment plan). This treatment can be performed as frequently as once every one to three months since several treatments throughout the year will continue to enhance your skin quality over time. Your Houston Hydra Needle treatments are most effective when administered three times, four to six weeks apart.

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Aesthetic Specialists of Houston office
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Our Specialists Will Make Sure You Are Educated and Informed

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One of the biggest problems people have is their serums not penetrating. Your skin's outer layer is made to be a barrier, so topical treatments have a hard time infusing properly. The Hydra Needle corrects this by penetrating these layers to allow more powerful hydration into your skin. Aesthetic Specialists of Houston offer Hydra Needle – because you want that glass-like skin! Schedule your consultation today!

Hydra Needle Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to microneedling, you may feel slight pressure, but overall the Hydra Needle treatment is quite comfortable. Your skin is numbed with topical anesthetic, so there should be little to no pain.

The price of the treatment is determined by the serum mixture, which may contain hyaluronic acid, exosomes, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and neuromodulators (i.e. Botox, Xeomin, etc). During your consultation, your specialist will assess skin concerns and make treatment recommendations that best accommodate your skin condition and lifestyle.

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