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Lymphatic Massage in Houston, TX

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An essential part of your immune system is the lymphatic system. It drains fluid called lymph through a network of hundreds of lymph nodes and returns back into the bloodstream. It also removes waste and carries white blood cells, which help keep the body from getting sick. If your lymphatic system is blocked, fluid can start to build up. Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage therapy that helps with this. It has been used for a long time to treat lymphedema, which is a long-term swelling that can happen after lymph nodes are removed. We love this treatment after surgery to reduce swelling. In addition, some people have added facial lymphatic drainage to their beauty routines as a way to get rid of puffy, dull, irritated skin. Some have even called the Lymphatic Massage a facelift without surgery. We serve Bellaire, Memorial, West University, and surrounding areas of Houston.

Reduce Swelling Naturally

What is a Lymphatic Massage?

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage, also called "manual lymphatic drainage," helps reduce swelling caused by medical treatments or illnesses that block the lymphatic system.

When you get a Lymphatic Massage at Aesthetic Specialists of Houston, your provider gently moves certain areas of your face and neck to help the lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels.

Lymphatic Massage for a Younger Look

What are the benefits of Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphedema is swelling that can happen after surgery or when the lymphatic system is blocked, causing swelling. During your consultation, your provider will assess your condition to determine if you are a candidate for a Lymphatic Massage in Houston.

Help Reboot Your Lymphatic System

Am I a good candidate for Lymphatic Massage?

Treatments for lymphatic drainage hasten the transfer and absorption of lymphatic fluids, which include proteins, germs, viruses, and toxins. For patients with after surgery, with lymphedema or other disorders affecting the lymphatic system this can be a wonderful treatment.

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Lymphatic Massage Treatment

Your specialist will start by using slight pressure and a variety of delicate motions, such as tapping, stroking, rubbing, and pushing for your Houston Lymphatic Massage. They will gently stretch your skin in the direction of the lymphatic flow with flat hands and all fingers to promote drainage. Similar techniques are used during a lymphatic drainage facial, which may also involve gentle brushing motions on the face. This manual technique will speed up the flow of lymph, a clear fluid that moves through the body through the lymphatic system. This will reduce swelling and improve health. Lymph, among other things, helps separate bacteria that can cause disease and returns lipids and proteins that get stuck in the bloodstream.

Because the lymphatic system is so essential to the immune system, proponents of Lymphatic Drainage Massage say that this type of therapeutic massage can help treat a wide range of health problems. Make an appointment now.

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Personalized Lymphatic Massage

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Imagine how good it will feel when you go to Aesthetic Specialists of Houston's Med Spa for a Lymphatic Massage! Massages for lymphatic drainage are frequently highly received to reduce facial and neck swelling. Book your appointment today.

Lymphatic Massage Frequently Asked Questions

Many people claim to experience a tingling sensation or a fluid flow under their skin that resembles a little stream. Others claim that the lymphatic flow in their sinuses has allowed them to breathe deeply for the first time in a while. Others get a deep sense of relaxation while others feel refreshed.

In most cases, a Lymphatic Massage is safe and effective. However, consult your doctor first if you have a high risk of blood clots, congestive heart failure, an active lymphatic infection, or edema with no apparent explanation. Some patients report experiencing fatigue, nausea, and headaches. When that occurs, consult your provider about controlling your side effects.

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